Tomorrow's Great Pageant


Tomorrow's Great Pageant is a collaborative adaptation of Cecily Hamilton's Suffragette play 'A Pageant of Great Women' (1910). 

Post Worker's Theatre and Bedford Creative Arts worked with a collective of artists and designers to stage a contemporary re-imagining of the play. The workshops deconstructed the original script through game play and participant insights. The process examined the roles of gender, prejudice and justice in our time, using characters inspired by stories of prejudice and discrimination from the discussions to raise questions around how prejudice and justice express themselves via our media and culture.

The performance reading aimed to carry through the inclusivity of the workshops by extending a hand to the audience and having them take part in an open discussion that sustains the life of the play.

The full film can be viewed at

Produced by Postworker's Theatre and Bedford Creative Arts

Photography by Andy Wilsher

Script editing by Emma Frankland

Co-writers and company members:

Ray Filar, Claudia Jefferies. Emily Ross, Annie Bacon, Nate Cole Birkett, Marguerite Bliard, Lauren Coutts, Michelle O'Higgins, Zoe Frost, Sophie Paul. Jack Lowerson, Elizabeth Howard, Jace, Erin Liu, Lydia Magalios, Harry Whittaker