The Importance of Being...Earnest?

Theatre company Say it Again, Sorry? Aim to connect people to their inner artist and bring them to the forefront of the performance process.


In our latest production, audience members take to the stage to save the show. When the headlining star fails to make curtain call for this Oscar Wilde classic, the performers will find that it has never been more important for someone to be Earnest.

The stage bares witness to theatre about the making of theatre. Audience members are asked to fix faulty printers and tear the set apart as tensions between the actors rise and chaos ensues...


The grand finale finds the entire audience on stage together to celebrate the mayhem of putting on a show. 


Through workshops and collaborative open rehearsals, the show aims to break down and satirise traditional theatre hierarchies and engage audience members as active participants in the making of the work. 


The Preview was held at the Pleasance Theatre, 15th July 2019.

Directed by Simon Paris

Written by Josh King & Ensemble

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Model box concepts for the set of 'The Importance of Being...Earnest?'