The Induction Course for Non-Users (ARUP x The British Library)

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The system of rules within the British Library are integral to preserving the historical and academic value of the institution. When tasked with identifying who the non-user of the British Library may be, we considered how these rules may also pose intimidating restrictions for those unfamiliar with the facilities.


The ‘Induction Course for Non-Users’ is an interactive public training method for introducing people to the British Library. Each object is inspired by a rule of the Library, for example 'behave in a way that does not disturb others', and corresponds to a competitive activity that determines the overall library user score.


The public intervention in Trafalgar Square allowed for direct communication with potential non-users for them to share their experiences of the induction and how they may approach the British Library with their new insight.

Project collaboration with Jo Lockwood, Stan Bidston-Casey, Emma Irwin, Ellie Davies and Clemmie Cheng