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Jack Lowerson's experience in the art department for film and advertising encompasses a wide range of skills, including props-making, graphics design, concept illustration, set building, and styling.

Whether he is acting as an Art Director or assisting a Production Designer, Jack consistently demonstrates resourcefulness in his material choices, a keen eye for detail, and a curiosity for unconventional processes. These qualities enable him to efficiently and cost-effectively fulfill the unique requirements of every project brief. Notably, Jack has maintained ongoing collaborations with the same group of designers and directors across a diverse array of projects.

Jack's creative approach is deeply influenced by his passion for designing (and occasionally writing) productions that shed light on contemporary political themes, unearth hidden histories of places, and uncover the surreal aspects of everyday life.


Alex Marden // Deborah Randall-Cutler

+44 20 7428 0500

jack lowerson
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