'Blackmail' (Dir. Obi Emelonye)

COMING SOON - the latest film by renowned Nollywood film director Obi Emelonye. 

As the Production Designer for the film, I was responsible for conceptualising and building the set, as well as sourcing the props and set dressing. The build took place on location at Haggerston Community Centre, London. This involved converting a disused nursery space into a seedy office for cybercriminal oligarch 'Igor', and the fabrication of the police station conference and interrogation room. 

Due to the brief time schedule for the film and it's low budget, I designed the set to be taken apart easily after use, and sourced many of the props on location or from London free-cycle groups in order to reduce costs and ensure that the materials that were used could be recycled or re-used. 

Digital concept art for scenes in 'Blackmail'. (Top left: Igor's office; Top right: Police station situation room; Bottom left: Police station interview room exterior; Bottom right: Hospital private ward).

Time lapse videos from the build (Top left: constructing the flats for the police situation room; Top right: painting the one-way mirror; Bottom left: Using tin foil, spray paint and acrylic to give wood a metallic aluminium effect; Bottom right: Dressing the windows for Igor's office with newspaper to block the natural light and give the office a concealed appearance).